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Talk to us: How are you feeling? This weekend I’ll be transcribing an Episode 1 of Uncommunity, where I chat with Suhas Motwani who created the community, “The Product Folks.” I chat with Suhas to learn how they grew from hosting 1 single event to 100 events in a year. Reply to this if you are interested to read it and I will share the link with you once done. :)

In today’s edition:

- The 10 Pillars of Our Community
- YCombinator winter batch and community tools
- Discord is for Your Communities

Metrics are a very important part of any community and you can measure anything you want. Hold on. Did I just say that? No, not anything. Measure things that matter.

Communities will come and go but best communities are created by building relationships.

In 2012, James Clear author of the book Atomic Habits - The #1 New York Times bestseller wrote an article. TL;DR,

The 10 Pillars of Our Community

  1. We believe that you can set a higher standard for your life, even if the world around you settles for average.
  2. We believe that it doesn't matter where you start, only that you get started.
  3. We believe that health and happiness is the foundation of doing great work and living a remarkable life.
  4. We live in the arena instead of judging from the crowd.
  5. We believe that by becoming better as an individual, you lift the world up as a whole.
  6. We believe that there is room for everyone at the top.
  7. We believe that with small and consistent change, anything is possible.
  8. We believe that successful people start before they feel ready and fight when it gets hard.
  9. We believe that your impact can only be as big as your willingness to serve.
  10. We believe in each other.

Bottom line: If you are someone who is building communities, whether an experienced professional or just getting started think of ways how you can help your community. Think of ways how you can uplift people from your community. Just start. It’s never too late.

Literally, startups are getting FOMO for not building tools to support virtually events. If I was a founder sitting on a pile of cash 💰 I would have built a community tool too. But I am only a community manager. 10 startups that graduated from the winter batch of Y Combinator were related to either virtual events, communities or layer for Zoom meetings. We’ve got so many tools to explore. 😉

    1. GitDuck: A video chat tool built specifically for developers. It hooks directly into a developer’s IDE to allow for real-time code sharing, allowing devs to code together remotely. Charges $20 per developer seat.
    2. Zuddl: Zuddl is a startup that aims to bring conferences online for big companies. It charges $5 per attendees, and per its pitch has already managed to host a conference with a few thousand attendees. A bit like competitors Hopin and others, Zuddle wants to re-create some familiar in-person scenarios like booths, and lobbies for chatting.
    3. Rally: Rally is aiming to create a video chat platform built for social gatherings. The app has shifted the idea of a breakout room, aiming to replicate the experience of sparking up side conversations by allowing you to faintly overhear some of the conversation happening “nearby”.
    4. Together Video Chat: For kids, Facetime and Zoom might not be the most engaging way to communicate. Together Video Chat wants to bring an interactive element to video chatting between families and kids, like reading a book or playing games over the screen.
    5. Reach.live: Lifestyle creators looking to monetize live content like yoga or cooking classes often have to resort to multiple platforms. Reach.live aims to put all of them together: storefront, scheduling, payments, subscriptions, donations, and even video hosting.
    6. Ribbon: Ribbon gives creators and businesses a way to sell tickets for online virtual events, ranging from master classes to fitness workouts.
    7. Piepacker: We can play games together, and we can video chat, but it’s not actually that easy to play games together and video chat. Piepacker combines video with a collection of licensed popular retro-style games that friends can play together easily
    8. Rume: Rume wants to make the social video experience better by allowing groups to have multiple conversations in one space. The company says it enables attendees to fluidly move between groups just like they would at a party.
    9. Epihub: Another Shopify for X! This time it’s “Shopify for anyone teaching online”. Epihub is a platform meant to help online instructors schedule/run classes and charge students. 3 weeks after launch they have 50 paid instructors on the platform, with an MRR of $1k.
    10. Virtually: An all-in-one solution for anyone looking to build an online school, providing tools for admissions/student management, video conferencing, payment processing, and a forum to keep in touch with students.

    Discord was created in 2015 as a place to chat while playing video games together. Now, the platform has over 100 million monthly active users, and a few months back they raised $100 million in funding at a reported $3.5 billion valuation. And this happened. 👇

    Discord is for communities — your communities

    Let’s make this clear: communities are an essential part of Discord, and we’re making it a core responsibility for us to serve communities and create first-class experiences for both admins and members.

    Since the start of the year, we’ve dedicated resources across product, engineering, marketing, operations, and Trust & Safety to make Discord better for communities. We’ve been learning from you and studying the following:

    • How can we make it easier to start new communities on Discord?
    • How can we make it easier to moderate communities sustainably on Discord
    • How can we make it easier to participate in communities on Discord?
    • How can we make it easier to find and join new communities on Discord?

    Read the master plan of Discord here. You’re going to love it. We did. ❤️

    Try making a sound with lips closed and you get…… mmhmm!

    • New tools that we added:
    • mmhmm - A new way to communicate via video — both in real-time and asynchronously. Perfect for our new remote reality, add polish and creativity to every presentation.
    • Localist - The community event platform.
    • Mixily - Hosting your event just got easier.
    • Book:
    • Superfans - The easy way to stand out, grow your tribe, and build a successful business by Pat Flynn.

    Go to Uncommunity.club to find out about the latest tools and books.

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