How to ride a Unicorn? Uncommunity #11

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A lot of content and knowledge that experienced community builders have shared with you via Uncommunity is incredible. This week we are summarizing content that we have put together in the past few months.

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Experts AMAs

  • Holly Firestone is the head of Community at Venafi. She shares her advice to new community builders, what does she think of building communities from scratch and which is the community she admires. Read the AMA here.
  • Venessa Paech is the Director of Australian Community Managers (ACM) & founder of Swarn Conference. She talks about growth hacking in communities, what communities will look like in 2030. Check out the full AMA.
  • Bill Johnston is the Chief Community Officer at Structure3C. He shares how to get first 100 users for a community, advice for someone just getting started and why design thinking is important in building communities. Read the AMA.
  • Noele Flowers leads the community at Teachable. She asks why can’t we build both community and audience at the same time and shares best practices to get lurkers to contribute to the community. Check out the full AMA.
  • Mark Birch works as a Startup Advocate for Amazon AWS and is the author of the book Community in a Box. He defines a sustainable community and talks how communities can be created by hosting events. Read the AMA.
  • Carter Gibson is the Program Lead for Internal Community Management at Google. He knows when’s a community is successful and what can community builders learn from Games. Check out his AMA.

Uncommunity Community Stories

Ep1: 0-100 Events in 14 months

Uncommunity Podcast is live and we’ve published the first episode where I chat with Suhas to learn how did they grow their community and hosted 100+ events in 14 months. Suhas and his team have done a tremendous job in building a thriving community and we love it. 🔥

Ep2: Building & Growing Developer Communities

Our 2nd episode of Community Stories is with Shreyas Narayan Kutty. He shares how to acquire the first 100 users for a developer / open source community. Breaking it down into three - growth, engagement, and retention. Bring people together, engage them so that they don't leave and retain them. Learn more about developer communities in this episode.

Ep3: Growing a paid community to $800 MRR

Our 3rd episode of Community Stories is with Charlie Ward of Weekend Club - a paid community that has generated over $800. Weekend Club is the #1 solo founder support community. They offer weekly, remote working sessions with other founders, plus 100+ software discounts. If you are thinking of how to start a paid community then why not dive in?

Ep4: Growing Content Marketing Community

Our 4th episode of Community Stories is with Christina Pashialis. So excited to release this episode with Christina Pashialis who is building ContentUK - a paid community for content marketers.

How do you ride a Unicorn though?

  • You hop in - Our featured online events platform Hopin just raised a huge $125M which makes them a double unicorn with $2 billion valuation. Over the last 8 months, they went from 👇
  • 5,000 users --> 3.5 million users
  • 1,800 organizations --> 50,000 organizations
  • 8 employees --> 200 employees
  • The legendary Discourse just launched Discourse for teams at $20/month for up to 5 team members.

Go to to find out about the latest tools and all new jobs that we added this week from companies like Morning Brew, BigCommerce, WP Engine. Check out the jobs.

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